About Us

James M. Urtis, Esq.

James M. Urtis, born August 23, 1965, in Rochester, New York, is a graduate of the University of Rochester (’88) and the Valparaiso University School of Law (’91).

Since becoming licensed in the State of Illinois in 1991, he has concentrated his practice in the area of litigation. To date, he has amassed settlements and verdicts in excess of 10 million dollars.

The core of Mr. Urtis’ practice is litigation relating to injuries suffered in the workplace, as a result of medical negligence, as a result of defective/dangerous premises and as a result of motor vehicle collisions. He also spends a considerable amount of time successfully prosecuting substantial commercial litigation claims. The majority of Mr. Urtis’ day is spent in the courtroom, prosecuting cases, presenting motions, conducting hearings, negotiating, arguing, and settling claims.

After litigating in the same area of law, in the same venue (Cook County, Illinois) for in excess of twenty five years, Mr. Urtis has become well versed in the prosecution of civil and commercial claims. When to file, where to file, what to plead, who to name as a Defendant, when to be aggressive, when to be passive, how to present a motion, conduct a hearing, handle a witness, a judge or an opposing attorney – these are issues that, if not handled by an experienced litigator, can determine the outcome of a case. It is for that reason that Mr. Urtis has concentrated his practice in one area of law in one geographical area for the past twenty years.

Mr. Urtis has obtained millions of dollars for injured victims in that period of time but, apart from the money, his true measure of success lies in the clients that are elated with the way their case is prosecuted and the ultimate result obtained and the referrals he is made from his existing and past clientele.

Our Approach

The Law Office of James M. Urtis is a Plaintiff’s civil and commercial litigation law firm. On the civil side, our concentration is on injuries – injuries that occur in the workplace, on someone’s premises, in or as a result of a motor vehicle collision, or as a result of medical negligence. We also prosecute substantial commercial claims. We have been prosecuting such claims for in excess of twenty five years and have amassed a handsome portfolio of settlements and verdicts.

Civil and commercial litigation - involving substantial damage claims - is complex litigation which requires familiarity with the rules, the court and the judges. Extending the analogy, if a litigator doesn’t know the game or the rules of the game or the referees, he or she will not win the game. We own this game, having played it successfully for more than twenty five years.

We have handled thousands of claims, interrogating hundreds of witnesses and resolving, to the great satisfaction of our clients, their civil and commercial claims. We do not settle for short money; we prosecute our clients’ claims to for their full value.

When our office is retained, we create a plan, specific to your case. The goal is the same for all cases – get the maximum amount of compensation at the minimum cost to the client. But each case has a different plan to achieve that goal – some require an aggressive approach; some a passive approach. Some require negotiation without the filing of a lawsuit; some require filing a lawsuit immediately following the occurrence.

And that is where our experience benefits you. After having prosecuted civil and commercial claims for more than twenty five years, we know how to efficiently resolve your claim. Our experience, our credibility, our knowledge and commitment – this is what makes us so successful.