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Worker's Compensation in Chicago

Your job is your livelihood, without it you wouldn't be able to afford the cost of living. Chicago residents, like most Americans have an endless supply of bills to pay. There is mortgage, rent, car/phone payments, transit fees, groceries, taxes, to name a few...

The majority of these essentials add up at the end of the month and without your full-time job, you would not be able to sufficiently provide for yourself or your family. We are here to support and defend workers who were incapacitated on the job and make sure those at fault pay, so you don't have to continuously suffer for their negligence.

The Law Office of James M. Urtis specializes in workman compensation settlements in Chicago. Our firm is made up of some the best lawyers in the state, with an endless supply of knowledge and experience. We have an outstanding track record, and are dedicated, efficient hard workers who always deliver quality law services.

Are you the Victim of a Workplace Accident?

Workman's compensation is beneficial to your well-being. Without appropriate Chicago workman's coverage, your life and welfare goes unprotected. This puts you and your loved ones at risk. If you fall victim to an accident at work and have not been compensated, it is very likely that your health and funds will quickly decline. This often happens because the injured party will end up paying out of their own pocket for all those hefty medical bills, when it is in fact the responsibility of the company at fault. When you hire the Law Office Of James M. Urtis to take on a case, you get exceptional results.

Are you in Need of Workman's Compensation?

Does your Chicago job require repetitive movements? If so, then you will likely suffer from an injury at some point. Daily monotonous motions can cause severe tendon, muscle and joint issues, until you are no longer able to make the movement anymore. Workman's compensation also applies to those who are suffering from serious ailments due to toxic mold and other dangerous bacteria or chemicals floating around the workplace.

How to File a Workman's Compensation Suit in Chicago?

Unsure how to go about a suit, or file a claim? Allow our firm to take care of the details and allotted paperwork for you. If you do not know how to approach or diffuse the situation or fear taking your case to court or a lawyer's office, do not worry, we can assist and advise you accordingly.

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Do not allow a company, boss or manager to intimidate you. With our law firm in your corner to back you up, they will have to take your situation seriously. We tackle all industry posed law issues and threats in Chicago head on and will work and day and night to ensure that you get the best settlement possible. For a consultation appointment or further inquiries, call us today.

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