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Related to civil litigation claims are commercial litigation claims where the damage is not a personal injury but rather a financial loss to an individual or business. The Law Office of James M. Urtis handles substantial commercial litigation claims relating primarily to insurance coverage disputes, breach of contract, professional malpractice, declaratory judgment, collection, partnership and business torts. We have successfully prosecuted and defended commercial litigation claims in state and federal court for the past 25 years.

I. Breach of Contract

By far, the most common commercial litigation claim relates to a breach of contract. One party fails to perform the terms of a written or oral agreement to the detriment of another, resulting in a financial loss. There are a variety of different remedies available to a litigant, depending upon the contract and it is important to retain legal counsel that understands commercial contractual legal remedies. Specific performance of the terms of a contract, statutory damages, compensatory damages, declaratory judgment, attorney fees and cost recoupment are some of the options that may be available to a litigant.

II. Insurance Coverage Disputes

Related to a breach of contract claim are insurance coverage disputes. Typically, an insured will submit a claim and the claim will be denied for any one of a variety of reasons which may be unjust and illegal. The litigation will be designed to force the insurer to cover the loss as opposed to denying coverage for the loss.

III. Business Collections

Businesses suffer financial losses all too often as a result of a customer, client or vendor failing to pay them. They need tough no-nonsense litigation to collect what is lawfully owed them. James M. Urtis handles commercial litigation claims relating to substantial commercial collections. The commercial litigation attorney pursuing business collections must be savvy in the courtroom and extremely diligent.

IV. Partnership Disputes

Partnership disputes are ugly. Two or more individuals embark upon a joint venture happy and enthusiastic. A business loss, an overreaching partner, a non performing partner - the list is endless - are some of the bases for partnership disputes. This particular type of litigation is tricky as the individual that you represent is typically oppressed and it is imperative to be completely candid and efficient so as not to waste time or money.

V. Business Torts

What we are talking about here is misrepresentation, fraud, tortious interference with your business and the like. There are hundreds of different insults and injuries that a competitor or former employee can inflict on your business and the Law Office of James M. Urtis prosecutes and defends such claims.

VI. Professional Malpractice

When we talk about professional malpractice, we are talking about legal malpractice primarily. An attorney blows a statute of limitations, fails to name a proper party, fails to allege a particular theory, neglects a case - the list goes on and on. Since we are litigation attorneys, we know how to identify legal malpractice claims and we are very successful prosecuting them.

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