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Chicago Transportation Accidents

Transportation accidents - trains, buses, tractor trailers, taxis - present unique challenges to a litigator.

In a typical motor vehicle collision, the prosecuting attorney identifies the at fault insurer, immediately encounters a claims adjuster and starts a dialogue about resolving the claim. In a transportation accident, identifying the individual responsible for making authoritative decisions about the claim is virtually impossible. Apart from the logistical problems related to prosecuting these claims, the Illinois code of civil procedure, in some cases, provides for abbreviated statutes of limitation and special notice requirements with respect to public transporters and if you do not know them, a viable claim could be lost on technical grounds.

A good litigator will understand how these transporters operate; then and only then are you able to get the information you need to make and prosecute your claim. Young litigators simply do not know how, for example, the Metra or the CTA or United Airlines own, operate, maintain and control their public transportation vehicles and I see them spending so much time trying to understand how they work, to the detriment of those they represent.

The Law Office of James M. Urtis has been prosecuting transportation accidents for in excess of 25 years. We are experienced litigators that know how to efficiently prosecute transportation claims.

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