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Chicago Birth Injury

Birth injury litigation is highly complex medical malpractice litigation. It is complex in terms of liability and it is complex in terms of damages. Setting aside the liability and damage issues, ascertaining the correct parties and evaluating their agency relationships is truly daunting; in addition, a birth injury almost always entails a lifetime of economic needs which must be properly assessed.

The first thing you should know about James M. Urtis is this: he has been in the delivery room of a hospital on 7 separate occasions for the birth of his own children. He loves children and is empathetic to the parent who suffers a loss as a result of a birth injury. There really could be nothing worse than being victimized by a medical error antepartum as the birth of a child is perhaps the most wonderful event in an individual’s life.

What separates birth injury litigation from some other forms of medical malpractice is the complexity of the issues relating to the prenatal and birthing process and, obviously, the gravity associated with a negligent act (a lifetime of physical or cognitive disability).

We fight for the parents who face enormous economic obligations and losses of society; and we fight for the baby who faces a lifetime of physical and emotional disabilities.

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