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Work Comp Claims are simple and straightforward, right? Worker gets injured on the job and his employer’s work comp insurer compensates him or her until they are ready to return. But that it were as simple and straightforward as that!! The reality is that work comp insurers are increasingly ARBITRARY in terms of denying weekly compensation to an injured worker and approving necessary and requisite medical care and treatment. Why? Because they can get away with it (the Work Comp Commission is overloaded and delays are the standard and not the exception); because arbitrators do not penalize insurers for denying benefits arbitrarily; because health insurers are obligated to pay for medical care and treatment when work comp carriers deny payment for it (making it attractive for work comp carriers to deny); and, of course, because some independent medical examiner, hired by the insurer, believes that the injured worker is not injured or that his or her treatment is not causally related to the accident.


Needless to say, work comp claims are challenging from a variety of perspectives.

The Law Office of James Urtis has been handling workers compensation claims for in excess of 25 years. We are experienced professionals that have developed relationships with the arbitrators and the work comp defense bar. These relationships are extremely important for an injured worker as, in many instances, time is of the essence in getting compensation for an injured worker unable to work. As everyone knows, banks, landlords and credit card companies will not wait until an injured worker is able to return to work to receive their payment. As such, it is particularly important for an injured worker to hire a law firm that has the experience that we have, to prevent any injustice and respond to an employer that fails to pay an injured worker.

A work comp litigator must be swift and prepared in the presentation of a claim, especially a claim requiring immediate payment to an injured worker unable to work. With over 25 years of experience you can be sure that you are dealing with a law firm that knows workers compensation law. This is a critical distinction that sets the Law Office of James M. Urtis apart from others in this field. Of course, that experience has translated into millions of dollars recovered for injured workers by the Law Office of James Urtis. In this regard, the Law Office of James M. Urtis enjoys an exceptionally high approval rating, enjoying unanimous five star reviews.

The attached handbook, published by the Illinois Workers Compensation Commmission, provides some answers to frequently asked questions.

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