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Joliet Construction Accidents

Construction accidents are tricky in that they typically give rise to both a workers compensation claim and a third party claim. For this reason, we separate construction accident litigation from work comp claims and general personal injury claims. They require a very careful legal evaluation. Contractors (subcontractors, generals, independents), owners and occupiers are all potential defendants and understanding their relationship, one to the other, is critical. Any litigator that does not appreciate the significance of a construction accident is doing a disservice to his or her client.

What is also very important with respect to handling construction accident claim is understanding the relationship between the workers compensation act and third party litigation. The comp act has exclusive remedy provisions and affords comp insurers a right of subrogation in relation to third party claims. This subrogation interest must be handled gingerly.

I have seen so many claims mishandled by inexperienced attorneys that simply do not understand how to properly handle construction accident claims.

The Law Office of James Urtis has been handling construction accident claims for in excess of 25 years. If you have been injured in a construction accident, you can be sure that it will be handled properly by James Urtis.

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