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Aurora Motor Vehicle Negligence

Motor vehicle negligence relates to an accident involving any vehicle, to include a car, train, truck, bus or motorcycle. The most common type of motor vehicle negligence is the car accident; but trains, trucks, buses and motorcycles account for a significant number also.

Motor vehicle accidents are traumatizing to any individual, but particularly the elderly, disabled and children; they are particularly vulnerable when an accident occurs. Securing photographs of the scene and vehicles involved, taking witness statements and reviewing reports from police and EMS investigators are but a few of the tasks which must be handled by experienced legal counsel.

The Law Office of James M. Urtis has been prosecuting motor vehicle claims for more than 25 years. In that period of time, we have handled every type of accident imaginable and every injury imaginable. We have recovered millions of dollars for clients that have suffered a myriad of damages, to include fractures, dislocations, herniations, concussions, dismemberment and death.

Illinois is a fault auto insurance state. That is, Illinois follows a fault system in determining who pays for damages resultant from a car accident. In a fault system, the person legally at fault for causing an accident is obligated to compensate those who have been injured in the accident. This system requires that at fault insurers be held accountable for all and every element of damage for which an injured party is entitled.

Getting insurance companies to pay what they are obligated to pay is what we do best. That job requires strong litigation skills. Insurance companies will not be inclined to pay out if they are not being pressed to do so. At the outset of all of our cases, we make at fault insurers disclose the limit of their policy of liability insurance, which they are reluctant to do, and then we make them cough up every penny of it. We settle for nothing less.

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